What Is the Best Bait for Your Bluefish Fishing Lure?

Even when you have the right bluefish fishing lure you have to have the right bait to get a bite. The right bait for your lure will have you bringing back catch after catch every time that you go out fishing. Blue fish are particular in what they will go after, so putting the right bait on your lure can make all the difference for you, it can make or break your fishing trip. Bluefish are predatory so they tend to like cut bait and they prefer actual fish, so it is not wise to use artificial bait.

Menhaden or Bunker
Menhaden otherwise known as bunker is an excellent choice of bait to use with your bluefish fishing lure. These sardine like fish have a strong flavor that attracts bluefish. Any type of bottom fish like menhaden or bunker will work well as bait for a fishing lure. You can even use anchovies. Some of the other bottom feeder fish in this category of bait would include, jacks, weakfish, grunts, shrimp and squid.

Mullet is another excellent fish that can be used with your bluefish fishing lure. Mullet have a round silvery body with dark blue and green stripes on their sides. Mullet can be used as bait for your lure live, dead, whole or cut. Most fisherman use mullet whole hooked through the nose. Some chop it into small chunks. Either way it is a very popular choice of bait for catching bluefish.

Mackerel and Herring
These are two more types of fish that you can use on your bluefish fishing lure to yield successful results. These baits are a little more expensive if you are buying them, but if you are catching your own bait they are a good choice. If you catch and prepare your own bait make sure that you put mackerel and herring on ice right away and freeze it immediately when you get home if you aren’t using it that day. These fish lose their flavor quickly so to be used effectively as bait on your lure they need to be properly preserved.

Hopkins Artificial Bait
Although artificial bait isn’t the optimal choice for your lure, it can work if you buy the right kind. Hopkins is the artificial bait that is most commonly recommended for bluefish fishing lures, but there are other types that work as well. Those would include, top water popper or pony tails.

There are several other baits that work well for bluefish lures. Those baits would include, ladyfish, eels and killifish. The real importance to selecting a bluefish fishing lure bait must be placed on using a fresh bait regardless of which bait that you choose.

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