Weiss Lake Crappie Fishing – Location And Strategy

Weiss Lake is nicknamed “The Crappie Capital of the World” and for good reason. When it comes to crappie this lake is full of them.

Lake Weiss is located in the northeastern part of Alabama and along the Alabama and Georgia border. Since so many anglers visit this lake to go fishing it is designed to accommodate all of their needs.

You will find four free public areas in which to access the lake and thirty-seven marinas that are privately run.

You will also find many campgrounds, cabins and motels all alone the shoreline that averages more than four hundred and forty miles long where you can relax and prepare for your fishing trips.

The crappies flourish very well in this environment because it is an excellent habitat where this species can thrive.

As a result most of them found here will average somewhere between two and three pounds. All you need to do is know where to look for the crappie and you will be on your way to some of the best fishing you have ever done.

Best Locations for Crappie

When fishing on Lake Weiss there are many shallow flats and deep channels where you will find the crappie lurking about. There are also a number of coves and drop-offs that make the prefect habitat for the crappie to grow and thrive.

This lake has many areas where the water is very deep and many places where it is shallow. The crappie can be found throughout the lake in all depths depending on the season and time of day.

The best time to go fishing for crappie on Lake Weiss is between the months of March and May. This is when the crappies are feeding the most aggressively. However, you can still have lots of success fishing for crappie on through till sometime in November.

Therefore, you have plenty of time to plan a fishing vacation on Weiss Lake in which you can enjoy some great crappie fishing.

Take some time to learn a little about the lake and where the areas are located and you will know where to head out right from the start. This will save you lots of time from searching for the fish and give you more time for reeling them in.

Make sure you search for all types of structures both natural and man made because this is where the crappie will be the most plentiful.

Fishing Strategies

Before you set out for your crappie fishing adventure it is imperative that you get prepared. There is nothing worse than going out on the lake only to learn that you don’t have half of what you need to get the job done.

Pack up your gear in advance and go over everything one last time before heading out to make sure you have everything you need. It is recommended that you take at least a couple fishing rods and reels just in case you need an extra.

Usually the 1/8 ounce plastic jigs or plastic minnows will work very well when using artificial lures and live bait is always a great choice.

However, you should also take a variety of jigs in several different colors and sizes so you can switch around and try different ones until you find something the crappie are attracted to.

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