Thoughts on Finding Fish and Bait to Use

A key thing to finding fish is going to the right area to fish. There are two ways to find fish. You can find the fish yourself. Or you can use a fish finder. Fish finders give you the ability to see the bottom of the water where you are fishing. The sonar helps you get a good picture of the lake bottom beneath. By being able to look with the fish finder, you can see if there are fish in the area where you are. A GPS is part of a fish finder. The GPS system helps you know where you are and where you need to go to find the fish. There are different types of fish finders that have different features to help you find fish. Some can go over 800 feet of depth.

When you plan to go fishing, you have to consider the different conditions you will be fishing under such as temperature, sky conditions, water clarity, and the amount of cover. Plus, you have to consider the size of the fish you are hoping to catch. If you know what kind of fish you plan on fishing, you need to imitate the size bait the size fish you are looking for will be feeding. When there are clear skies and clear waters, you will probably use a lighter colored lure. When the water is darker and the sky is dark, it will be better to fish with a darker colored lure. Smaller lures produce more strikes. Larger lures usually catch larger fish.

There are different kinds of live bait. Crickets, minnows, crawdads, and of course, worms are all part of live bait fishing. Crickets can be used when fishing for trout. Crickets can also be used for pan fish. Live bait is preferred by fish over artificial lures. If you do use lures, you need to know which lures to use for which kind of fish. By using the right bait or lure, and with knowing where the fish are, should give you better success fishing.

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