The Best Bait for Catching Walleyes

It used to be that the walleye could only be caught in the waters of the southeastern and the eastern states. However, now you can fish for walleye most anywhere in the US.

Walleye like deep waters and sandy bottoms. If you want to try catching walleyes, don’t go fishing in waters that are muddy, but look for clear waters with sand and gravels like bottoms. The choice of bait you use for catching walleye can depend on the season.

A special tip about a walleyes is about their eyesight. These fish have excellent sight whereas most fish are nearly blind. This aids this predatory fish in catching its prey when the water gets too muddy or darkness settles in. because of the walleye’s excellent eyesight, it can detect bright colors.

For good luck in your walleye fishing trip, follow these tips for what kinds of bait would best and when and where they would be best to use.

In the spring, there is usually a lot of action going on in lakes and rivers everywhere, and it is no different for the walleye. In the early spring when water temperatures are around 40 degrees or so, walleye began making spawning runs up the up through tributaries of the lakes they are residing in.

These fish are enough in numbers to give a go at catching them. The best bait for catching walleye in the spring time are top baits like small jigs, small crankbait and plastic worms. Use brightly colored worms to catch the eye of the walleye. You can also try maribou jigs on those spawning spring walleyes.

Walleye fish that are in shallow to a little deep waters that are spawning are usually in and around rocky ledges.

Cast your line into these kinds of places for a chance at catching walleye. Let your bait hit the bottom and pull it back a little at a time, mimicking a live morsel making it’s way across the bottom. If this proves to take too long in getting a bite, a good idea is to add live bait to your lure like a nightcrawler or a minnow. Using this bait and action will most likely land you a good catch of spring walleye.

The easiest walleye fishing in the summer is the early morning when the temperatures haven’t gotten so hot. As the sun rises and heats things up, walleye will move to deeper and cooler waters.

For summer walleye fishing in the morning, you will want to use a bait that acts like a crayfish moving along the bottom of the shallow waters. Crayfish are a favorite snack for walleye, and using bait that will mimic them in the shallow waters is a sure way to luck in catching walleye.

These fish will inhabit the shallow waters in the evenings of summertime also. Crankbaits, artificial worms, and jigs are good choices, but remember to mimic a live bite for the walleye to catch.

Using a bright color for artificial worms and lures, especially the neons, will likely catch the predatory eye of the walleye.

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