Tactics of Bass Fishing On Lake Fork in Texas

Lake Fork is located in Texas and it is one of the best bass fishing lakes in the state. One reason this lake is so great for bass fishing is because it is the perfect habitat for this species of fish. There are a lot of flooded timber and submerged trees located throughout this lake along with other natural structures that make the perfect home for bass.

Lake Fork covers three different counties in Texas which are the Rains, Hopkins and Woods counties. It contains 27,264 acres of water and averages about seventy feet deep. It was impounded on the Sabine River in the year 1980. You will find that the largemouth bass is the most abundant species of bass found in Lake Fork and you will have the most success when fishing here during the spring, fall and winter.

Best Fishing Bait to Use on Lake Fork Texas

Experienced anglers know that you will need different baits depending on where you are. A lot will depend on the natural food source that is available in the lake you are fishing. When it comes to the best bait to use on Lake Fork you will find that spinnerbaits, jigs, crankbaits, and jerk bait work very well. You can also have some really good results when fishing for bass with plastic lizards and worms.

The bass spawn between mid February and April so this is when you will find them along the shoreline in large numbers. You will get the best results from using crayfish during this time of the year. Other baits to use during this time include artificial lizards, salamanders, minnows and worms.

If fishing in the summer months you may want to limit your fishing to the nighttime hours when it is cooler and the bass are biting more. During the heat of the day they will move out to deeper water and are less active. This is when crankbaits and topwater lures are the most productive.

Shad is one of the favorite foods of the bass especially in the fall. When using artificial shad the chrome or white colors will work the best. When fishing the shallow waters in the fall anglers have found that crankbaits and topwater lures work great. During the winter months the bass seem to be more attracted to spoons, crankbaits and jigs.

Where to Fish and When

When fishing Lake Fork for bass you will have the best luck in the early mornings and late afternoons. Fishing on cloudy days is also recommended because in the heat of the day when the sun is at its brightest, the bass will move out to deeper water. It is important to know that bass stay around cover where they feel protected.

Shallow water, grass beds, weeds and shorelines are the best locations to search for bass because this is where they tend to hang out the most. However, if you are fishing in the heat of the day, then you will want to move out to deeper water and fish around the edges of underwater structures and around ledges. They will also be located in coves and creek channels.

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