Tactics for Catching a 22 Pound Largemouth Bass

Have you spent hours dreaming about what it would be like to catch a 22 pound largemouth bass? Well, you don’t have to dream any more because you can make it a reality when you know the right tactics to use. Catching a largemouth bass doesn’t have to be difficult when you know what really works. It’s simply a combination of having the right equipment and using the right baits.

The largemouth bass is very popular among anglers all across the US. The normal time for them to begin spawning is between the middle of April and it will last until about the middle of June. They will be more plentiful during this time and more aggressive. It’s their aggression and the simple thrill of reeling in one of these monsters that makes this species so popular.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Gear

Since you never know for sure which baits will attract the largemouth bass the fastest, it’s recommended you carry along a variety of lures and tackle. You will need to use spinnerbaits and plugs when fishing in the shallow waters for the best results. Crankbaits work very well in all depths but they are recommended when fishing in waters that are medium depth. They are best when used in the spring, summer and fall months. Jigs and worms will also work well when fishing in the medium to shallow waters.

When fishing in the deepest parts of the water you will find that the plastic worm will get you the best response almost every time. However, jigs work great too when trying to catch the largemouth bass while he’s lurking about in the deepest parts of the water. Using the lure of your choice to its fullest advantage will help to improve your chances of catching a huge largemouth bass.

Before you set out on your fishing trip make sure you have a rod and reel that is designed to withstand the struggle the largemouth bass will provide. Otherwise, you may entice the fish to strike your line, only to lose him due to equipment that wasn’t designed to handle a species as active and aggressive as this one.


The largemouth bass will respond differently depending on what season you go fishing. The water temperature, weather and even the type of vegetation in the water will determine how, when and what this species will be interested in. For the best opportunity to reel in a 22 pound largemouth bass you need to know how they react in the different seasons and which baits work the best.

The largemouth bass have a certain pattern they will follow throughout the year. Take the time to learn what this pattern is and you will be able to find them faster and begin reeling them in sooner. When fishing during the end of spring you will find the largemouth responds very well to jigs, spinners, crankbaits and plastic worms. They can usually be found in the deeper parts of the water where it’s cooler and will stay in these areas throughout the summer.

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