Speckled Trout Fishing Secrets

There are some secrets to fishing for speckled trout that many anglers do not know anything about, but some do and always have some great catches.

Speckled trout fishing is not hard, it is all about knowing a few tips to make things go along smoother. It is all about the bait, equipment and the area you are fishing.

Once you have heard these secrets, you to will want to keep them to yourself. Anglers will be asking you just what you are doing to catch all these fish and what is your secret.

The bait you use will determine if you catch the speckled trout or not. The best live bait to use is shrimp. This is one sure way to catch your limit every day.

Other baits such as croakers are great if you are fishing gas wells or oyster reefs. Live bait is normally used to find the speckled trout schools and then some anglers will then switch to Curly Tail Grubs, Fantail Shrimp or Mister Twisters Slugs.

The important thing is to present the bait to the speckled trout out front. They need to see the bait and come for it. Once you bait the fish with the live bait, have a rod ready with a soft plastic to present and see how many fish you can catch.

Test line, rods and reels are also important to consider when fishing for speckled trout. You will want to use a thirty-pound test line with a leader of about two feet long.

Because you might just catch a redfish, so it is wise to use this weight test line. Instead of using a graphite rod, use a Shimano Trevala rod and a Sedona reel. The graphite reels tend to break more often and the Shimano will hold up under pressure.

The next secret to catching speckled trout is to find the fish and hold them there. If you are fishing any area and you do not get a bite within ten minutes, move on. Do not waste your time sitting in one area thinking the fish will come to you.

You have to find the schools before you give your presentation. You only have a move about one hundred to two hundred feet in a different direction and try again. You are going to find the school if you take a few minute in any given area.

The next tip is probably the best kept secret. If you are fishing and only catching small speckled trout, change the size of your bait to attract the larger fish. If you are using small bait, you are going to catch the smaller fish. If you want to catch larger fish, offer them larger bait.

The size of the bait is going to determine what size fish you are going to catch. The big ones will not waste there time on small bait and the small ones cannot go over the bigger bait. Size does matter when fishing speckled trout.

Use the right weights to get your bait to the bottom quickly. You do not want to mess around when going after the speckled trout. Weight is important for getting the bait to the bottom and right in the strike zone. Use a 1/2 ounce weight to make sure the bait is sinking faster enough.

You do not want something else grabbing your bait on the way down to the trout. Experiment with different weights to find out which one gets you to the bottom quickly. Quickly presentations are the only way to catch any speckled trout and keep it up all day.

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