Sitka – 10 Reasons it’s Alaska’s Premier Fishing and Tourist Destination

You can choose from many fishing spots when you travel to Alaska. Of course with all the options it’s not so easy to decide where to go. One of the premier fishing and tourist destinations to consider is Sitka. There are several reasons it’s consider the best spot in Alaska, and here are some reasons that you’ll want to visit for a great Alaska fishing experience.

Catch Fish Quickly – Catching fish quickly is a great reason to visit Sitka. This is the area that has the lowest rod hours per fish in Alaska, which is why it is one of the top fishing areas to visit. If you want to ensure you get a chance to catch a lot of fish on your vacation, then Sitka is an excellent destination to check out.

Interesting History – The Sitka area has an interesting history. At one point in time it was the Russian Capital, back when Russia owned Alaska. This makes it an interesting point for tourists to visit. Many historical sites are in the area to visit, and when you are not fishing you’ll have a great time exploring them.

Mild Tides and Currents – The tides and currents make it the best fishing spot in Alaska. Since the currents are so mild, you can get bottom fish no matter what time of day it happens to be. In many other Alaska fishing spots, you can only fish during slack tide parts of the day

Halibut and Salmon – If you enjoy fishing for both halibut and salmon, than Sitka is the place to be. You can fish for both of these fish all in the very same day. This doesn’t happen in most other fishing areas around the state, so it’s definitely one of the reasons to choose Sitka if you enjoy fishing for these kinds of fish.

Salmon are Ocean Bright – There are many salmon to fish for in Sitka, and the great thing is that they are ocean bright. Other fishing spots offer you salmon fishing but the fish are dark because they are close to spawning. When you are fishing on the outer coast of Sitka, you’ll be able to catch those ocean bright salmon, making it a great place to visit for fishing.

Bait Fish Pushed In and Around Sitka Sound – Because of the way that Sitka is located, the currents push in the bait fish in to the area. This leads to a lot of other fish coming to the area to feed on the bait fish, making it a wonderful area for fishing.

Other Great Wildlife – Not only can you have some fun fishing in Sitka, but there is quite a bit of other great wildlife for you to see and enjoy as well. Some of the unique wildlife you’ll get to see include albatross, seals, sea otters, humpback whales, porpoises, puffins, and eagles.

Not Too Crowded – You’ll find that the Sitka sport fishery is not that old. For this reason, there is not a huge crowd there. Since it is not too crowded, everyone can enjoy getting plenty of fish, and you’ll enjoy your fishing experience

Great Fishing in Storms and Nice Days – Whether the weather is beautiful or it’s a stormy day, you can still enjoy great fishing in Sitka. If it is storming, the inside waters are still calm enough for fishing. Then on days that are nice, you can enjoy fishing on the outside waters too.

King Salmon Fishing Throughout the Summer – Sitka has become the premier fishing spot and tourist destination for many reasons, but one is that they provide king salmon fishing that lasts throughout the entire summer. If you want to fish for king salmon, this is the place to be. They are often found at the outer coast feeding, which means they are found there frequently. In some fishing areas they are only around for spawning, making them harder to catch, but you won’t have this problem at Sitka

About Author: Outdoors man and avid sport fisher Brad Richards has fished many places all over Alaska. sitka Alaska fishing is his chosen destination after years of travel. He has also been on many sitka fishing charters and narrowed down his favorite to one company Sitka Charters.

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