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When you hear people talking about salmon fishing, the discussion usually gets to involve Alaska somehow and probably for a very good reason. Alaska is a famous salmon habitat and the right place to try your fishing skills at catching these very noble fish. Not only the activity in itself proves very interesting, but fishermen come to accumulate very solid knowledge about the salmon subspecies, the part they play in Alaska’s ecosystems, their unique breeding habits and the like.

Salmon fishing has often been extensively criticized that it endangers the survival of the species, given the increased demand for salmon delicacies on the market. The subject remains a hot topic some states salmon fishing is prohibited by law particularly during the mating season. Search on the Internet for more comprehensive data on the elements that prevent good salmon fishing or on the contrary increase the chances of success in the best of conditions for the environment. Many authors, who are convinced fishing hobbyists, take a great liking in sharing their experiences with other fellow-fishermen who want to try salmon fishing, and from such sources plenty of things can be learned by the less experienced in the field.

The king salmon swims in the rivers of Alaska traveling a long way from the Artic or the Atlantic ocean in search of still pure waters to lay its eggs. The king salmon shares the same territory with another silver variety, and even if there is a difference in the appearance and the size of the subspecies, they present common features. They will surely give you the excitement of a unique salmon fishing experience. You can fish the king salmon all year round in both fresh and salt water. Although the red salmon can be found in both types of water, in some areas these fish spend all of their lives in rivers only; Besides this peculiarity, they also distinguish themselves by the smaller size.

Saltwater salmon fishing is best achieved by trolling or angling a baited line and drawing it into the water, usually at the rear of the boat. Then, as for the best times for salmon fishing, cloudy days are the most rewarding as on bright sunny days the salmon will keep to the deep holes. Anyway, the best place to go salmon fishing seems to remain Alaska if we were to believe the multitude of reports and stories fishermen have to share, but there could be other places nearer to your home that you may want to try. Good luck!

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