Lake Erie perch fishing is the best. If you are looking for some good catches, you want to fish the Ohio side of Lake Erie. However, the Pennsylvania side is good for perch fishing as well.

Each side has charter services to take you out on the lake and the stories about catches are the same in most cases. The bait you use and the location will determine how many fish you catch on any given day. Whether you use a boat or fish from shore, you can have a days catch in no time at all.

Charter fishing services are one way to fish the great Lake Erie. There are many charter services that have daily trips or half-day trips. If you are on the Pennsylvania side of Lake Erie, there are many charter services on this side of the lake as well. Of all the charters around, each one has a different area that they fish.

It is possible to take a day trip twice a week and fill the freezer with enough perch to feed the family for months. The guides can take you to the spot and you can sit back and catch the fish.

Fish from the Ohio shorelines and the break walls. During the spring, the perch are found closer to shore and the perch schools will be easy to access from the shore or from one of the many break walls. Casting from the shores will net you some good catches.

The thrill of fishing from the break walls or shores is that you can actually bring in a double header at times. Many anglers have cast their bait only to reel in two perch on the line. They seem to be in a feeding frenzy at all times of the year though.

What time of year you fish will determine where you fish. If you are fishing in spring, you can fish from the banks or from the break walls. Of course, as the temperatures rise, the perch will move deeper.

You can use a fish locator to find the schools during the summer and fall months. If you do not have a fish locator, you can use a map to find areas that are good sources of shelter for the perch. Winter fishing is also great on Lake Erie in areas that allow you to get on the ice and fish for winter fish.

Bait is just one consideration when fishing perch on Lake Erie. Shiners work very well. Some anglers will tell you that a hook and a shiner is the only thing that you need, while some will tell you to add a little color such as green or blue. Some anglers use a night crawler and have excellent catches all day long.

It is easy to catch you limit if you use a night crawler or a shiner when you find the perch schools. Try to catch the shiners from the water you are fishing instead of bringing shiners from somewhere else.

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