More of Grandpappy’s Homemade Catfish Bait for Slamming Lunkers

Chances are that your grandpappy has shared many great fishing stories with you about reeling in some giant catfish. Most likely all of them involved the use of some type of homemade catfish bait that he made himself. Although you have thought from time to time that some of these stories were exaggerated just a little, it is likely that most of them were true.

In fact, if you have never used homemade catfish bait personally, then you may be surprised at how well it really does work. There are many different recipes available for homemade catfish bait that is easy and cheap to make. You can search the internet for sites that offer these recipes so you can give some of them a try to see how well they work.

Catfish are an unusual species that has always received a lot of attention. Their keen sense of smell is one thing they are so famous for. Using homemade catfish bait is one of the best methods available for attracting them to your line. Give homemade catfish bait a try the next time you go fishing so you can have the pleasure of seeing how many catfish you can reel in.

Types of Homemade Catfish Baits

When it comes to grandpappys homemade catfish bait for slamming lunkers you can safely bet that cheese baits are at the top of the list. One of the most well-known recipes that anglers have used for years requires that you mix two tablespoons of molasses together with half a pound of limburger cheese. Begin heating this mixture together and when it gets hot enough to melt, you need to start adding in some oatmeal. When the mixture starts sticking together it is ready. The oatmeal will hold it on the hook and the smell will draw in the catfish.

Many old timers used peanut butter on the end of their hook to attract the catfish. Amazingly, this works extremely well and so will chicken livers. Using chicken livers will draw a cat out of hiding and send them straight to your line ready to take your bait. It has all the right ingredients for capturing the attention of the catfish and keeping it till the very end.

Dough balls are another one of the old catfish recipes that gets the attention of giant catfish. It is also easy to make requiring bread or cookie dough as a base. Place this in a bucket with chicken livers or some type of rotten cheese.

Combine these together until you get a mixture that will stick on your hook and you are ready to go fishing. All you need to do is pinch a bit off, place it on the hook and wait for the catfish to take hold.

You may have even heard the story about how a bar of lye soap helped your grandpappy reel in that monster cat. This method really works just as good today as it did back then. Simply cut off a chunk of the soap, place it on your hook and the catfish go wild. These are just a few of the many homemade catfish bait that is available.

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