Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips – Top 10 Tips for Catching Large Mouth Bass

This article deals with my top ten tips for catching more Largemouth Bass. If you can follow these tips I expect your catch rate to improve significantly.

Sharpen your hooks religiously. You should carry a sharpener in your tackle box and be very meticulous in inspecting and sharpening your hooks. While on the water you will have limited chances to hook a fish. You need to maximize your hook rate by only using equipment in top condition.

Read the water. It is amazing how many times I am out on a boat watching all sorts of action on the surface. I can see shad breaking the surface of the water to avoid capture. I look around further and see the water constantly being disturbed by Largemouth Bass feeding on insects in the middle of a mass of lily pads. I look further and see a couple boats casting crankbaits into a deeper weedline with the backs to the real action. These fisherman probably have caught fish in that area before when the conditions were different. They know probably wonder why it is not producing the same way. They should be reading the water. Your own powers of observation can often be your biggest asset when trying to find fish. Consider your surroundings before your choose fishing location and technique to use.

Do not become married to one particular lure or presentation. Understand that Largemouth Bass behave differently under different conditions. Sometimes you need to fish fast, other times you need to make your retrieve slower. This also applies to color. The white spinnerbait that you caught a livewell full of fish one day may not be useful the next time when conditions are different. The good fisherman has a full arsenal of colors in his box for each different condition he will face.

Know when to use sight and when to use sound as your main attractant. This is especially important when selecting a spinnerbait to use. I regard the spinnerbait as the most important artificial lure of all for Largemouth Bass. They come in two main varieties. Spinnerbaits with willow leaf blades are designed to provide maximum light penetration and should be used in low light or in water that in not very clear. In these instances you need all he help you can get to allow the fish to see your offering. When there is very clear water and a great deal of light you need to switch to a different blade on your spinnerbaits. Spinnerbaits with rounded blades with a cup at the end of them provide maximum sound attractant to the mix. In these conditions this is the best offering you can make.

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