How To Catch Crappie In Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is located in the northern part of the United States and is considered one of the best places to go crappie fishing around. It borders both New York and Vermont on the eastern side of the lake and the Adirondack Mountains are on the west side. I

n the United States it is recognized as the sixth largest freshwater lake because it stretches one hundred twenty miles long and it is a little more than ten miles wide in some places. This clear water lake is approximately four hundred feet deep and you will find more than seventy islands scattered throughout its waters.

The Richelieu River is the outflow for Lake Champlain and there are more than thirty tributaries that drain into it making it an excellent habitat for a variety of fish species to thrive. There are many different species of fish in this lake but the crappie fishing is still considered to be excellent. In fact, you can fish for crappie in this lake all year long with some great results.

Become a Part of the Crew

When visiting Lake Chaplain you will find many charters that you can use to help you explore the lake. Using a charter is the best way to get the most from your fishing adventures and have the chance to reel in a good number of crappie each time you go out. These guides are experienced fishermen that have the training and ability to make your fishing trips fun and enjoyable. They know exactly where to go and which type of bait works the best.

When you use one of the charters that go out on Lake Chaplain it is hard not to feel like one of the crew members. The guides are so helpful and knowledgeable that you will have the opportunity to do some serious fishing. As you are standing there throwing out your line and reeling in crappie like crazy, you will feel as if you have been doing this forever.

Before long you will be comfortable and relaxed and know exactly what to use and when. You will feel just like one of the crew and you will have some great fishing stories to tell afterwards. Hiring a charter is easy and it will make your crappie fishing trips on Lake Champlain much more enjoyable than trying to find the hotspots on your own. This is especially true if you have never fished this lake before and are not familiar with the area. You will find that charters are affordable and lots of fun.

How to Reel In the Crappie

Crappies are pretty simple fish that can be caught using just about any method you choose. It is good to know they are school fish which means they hang out together in groups. When you get one bite there are sure to be many more following so get ready to start reeling them in. However, if you go for more than twenty minutes or so without a bite, then it is time to change the bait or locations because you should have gotten results by this time.

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