Henderson Harbor Walleye Fishing Tactics

Henderson Harbor has gained a unique reputation for fishing for walleye. People from all over the world come to Henderson Harbor to fish for the walleye. Henderson Harbor is home to many different types of fish, walleye being one of them.

Although there are several fishing tactics that can essentially be used in fishing for walleye, it is important to remember that everyone has his or her own preference. Some tactics might include what is known as a fish finder. This enables an individual to locate the walleye and know exactly where the fish are.

Another tactic is through various baits and fishing lures. Some people like to use crawfish as bait because this is the favorite food of the walleye. Some different tactics for walleye fishing also include the time of day. While some individuals prefer the daylight hours there are those who would rather fish for walleye at night.

Night fishing for walleye gives an individual somewhat of an advantage, because most walleye do not like sunspots. And yet, when fishing for walleye early in the morning those who have done fishing for walleye in Henderson Harbor say this is the best time because the walleye are hungry and looking for food.

Henderson Harbor also has charter boats for those interested, and they are fully equipped for a day full of walleye fishing. In fact, all the fishing tackle and equipment is provided right down to the rod and reel.

Henderson Harbor also has events, tournaments, and fishing for walleye championships too. From catching the largest walleye to catching the most walleye, they are events that are memorable. Brochures and pamphlets can be ordered by mail about the various fishing techniques in Henderson Harbor.

There are fees and pricing for fishing for walleye at Henderson Harbor, but to many fish anglers it is worth it because no one really goes away empty handed.

As stated above different people use different tactics and ways for fishing for walleye. Some individuals use his or her own boat. Using a trolling motor is a good tactic when you are using a boat, due in part because the trolling motor is much quieter and will not scare off the walleye you are actually trying to catch. Another key of importance is speed.

You should never go more than three or four miles per hour. If you do, you won’t catch many walleye. Henderson Harbor has been known for having walleye just off of the banks, so another tactic would be to fish off of the banks or if you are in a boat get as close to the bank as possible. Considering walleye like deeper water, a boat is effective if you want to fish for walleye in the middle of the lake too.

The current also plays a factor in fishing for walleye. If the current is quick due to a harsh blowing wind it is going to be difficult to determine if the walleye is biting. Paying close attention and keeping the line taut is a good idea. If there is no current the tactics are a bit different, however many individuals like to use heavier weights as well as bobbers to let them know when the walleye is actually biting on the bait.

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