Great Bass Fishing Tactics

Are you searching for some great bass fishing tactics that can help you have some wonderful fishing stories to tell? If so, then you came to the right place. Bass fishing is extremely popular for many different reasons. Fishing for bass is exciting and fun as this species typically puts up a huge fight making every fishing trip very interesting. The serious anglers enjoy joining in on tournaments for the opportunity to win cash and a variety of great prizes. If you are interested in learning more about bass fishing, then here are some great bass fishing tactics to help you get started.

Here are a few tactics that can be very useful when fishing in dark or murky water. Using lures that make noise can be a great choice as it will help to draw the bass in your direction. Crankbaits is a good example of this type of bait. The best colors to use are the chartreuse, white and chrome. They work best when dragged through grassy areas and around Lilly pads and any other natural structures that are found in the water. Some anglers use bait scents to help encourage the bass to come after their bait.

Spinnerbait is a popular choice and is very efficient when used around boat docks, ledges, grassy areas and Lilly pads. Experimenting with different colors can help you find out which one will work the best in the area you are fishing. Flipping and pitching can also be very effective especially when bass are hiding in heavy cover. The old favorite of plastic worms can work wonderfully as well. In fact, you can get some great results that may even surprise you.

If you are fishing in clear water, then the best bass fishing tactics include using top water plugs and wacky worms. The bass found in clear water will be attracted to your bait when it is presented correctly. Therefore, your presentation can mean the difference in catching your limit and going home empty handed. The main thing that you need to make sure you do when using top water plugs will be to get the bait as close to the bass as possible. If you have problems casting you may want to practice as much as you can to improve your technique. You can normally catch larger bass using this method.

If you are not familiar with wacky worms they are a straight worm that is used with a spinning reel. The only weight used is a swivel that is placed above the bait. It also works great around Lilly pads and canals. Beware that you must pay close attention when using this technique or you may miss the bite. Trolling is another bass fishing tactic that can work very well in most all conditions.

If you are unsure of the right approach, then you can always go with the old favorite fishing rigs. There are three main types of rigs that are called the floating rig, Texas rig and the Carolina rig. Any one of these will work great when bass fishing if you present it correctly. You may have to practice with the presentation for awhile to get the results you are searching for. In fact, the presentation you use for any tactic is very important. It is the job of the angler to make sure they capture the interest of the fish and make them come after the bait. Keep in mind that normally, the slower you present your lure the better.

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