Five Tips for Walleye Fishing In Arizona

A lot of people fish in Arizona, but you still hardly ever hear any great stories coming from the humid state. Even though, there are plenty of fish in Arizona, actually, there are more than plenty. One of the best fish by far to capture in Arizona is the Walleye. It’s a somewhat tiny fish but it’ll give you a run for your money when you try to catch it.

Before we get into the fish, you should have a course on the state Arizona.

Arizona was admitted to the union on February 14th, 1912. It’s one of the four corner states, meaning, its corner is aligned with three other state’s corners. Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings times, but a city named Navajo does.

The entire region is known for their deserts, cacti, and dangerous animal population. It’s the fastest growing state, as its population is constantly increasing and has never slowed down. Arizona’s calm, coastal waters are great for fishing for Walleye.

The Walleye are a beautiful species of fish with their golden scales and green undertones. Though, this combination of colors makes them difficult to see through water, as it blends in with the light. Their not that large and can only grow a little over two feet in length, but they’re extremely strong. They’ve been known to snap strong lines and be nearly impossible to reel in at times.

Because of being in such high demand, Walleye generally only live for five years, though they could live well past 20. If you want to capture the Walleye you’ll need to find the right spot for them, and you’re about to find out.

By far, the best time to locate the Walleye is in spring, when nothing is too hot or too cold. During this time, they’re close to the coastal shores of Arizona and are ready for the taking. If you can’t find any at the shores, make sure to look around the weeds and rocks, as they enjoy the shade there to sleep occasionally. No matter where they are, it’ll be easy to find them in the clear waters of Arizona.

Use small, live fish for bait, as that’s their diet. Generally, you’ll go with trout, but there are other small fish that you can choose from. If not live bait, you can go to the stores and find specialized lures that are designed for attracting Walleye. When the bait is decided, go around and find a great fishing spot, usually a shallower, clearer place with some shade. Cast your line out somewhere near the coast and then you can do the easiest part of fishing, wait.

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