Catfish and Carp Bait Recipe – fishing for carp and catfish

AWESOME Carp bait recipie that also catches tons of catfish! This is a great carp bait recipe that I use to catch lots of carp and lots of great catfish as well. If you want to learn how to catch carp or even how to catch catfish this is a great video. This is a great catfish bait recipe.

Chub Outkast 6′ Stalker Rod 2.75lb test curve

Daiwa Regal BRI 3500

Method Leads can be bought at

Korda Helicopter Sleeves

Korda Swivels

Korda Kapture #6 Hooks

Korda Rig Ring

Korda Shrink Tube

Cabelas Rubber Magnum Net

Unhooking mat

Weighing Sling

How to tie a Hair Rig

Top 15 Carp Baits

How to Catch Carp Quickly.

For more info about how to catch carp and how to catch catfish check out

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