9ER's Umbrella Rigs 9ER's Lure Rig Best Trolling Lures for Striped Bass

9ER's Umbrella Rigs 9ER's Lure Rig Best Trolling Lures for Striped Bass

oceanstatetackle.com 9ER’s Lures 9ER’s Umbrella Rigs are the most effective method for catching striped bass. Striped Bass Fishermen have been trolling with 9ER’s for decades. These Umbrella Rigs by 9ER’s Lures have proven to be one of the most effective ways to locate and catch striped bass and bluefish. Charter captains in New England and the Chesapeake Bay troll them near bridges and pilings to find schools of stripers. These rigs are trolled with leadcore, wireline or braids like Power Pro and Spiderwire on conventional reels. Block Island and Newport striper fishermen use then to catch bass on the ledges and shorelines, working the contours where the bass feed. These umbrella rigs produce fish when live bait and chunk do not. The shad look like a school of baitfish and the bass cannot resist them. Freshwater striper fishing with them is very effective as well. The are being used on stocked and hybrid striped bass in reservoirs and lakes in Texas, Missouri, New Jersey and Ohio, these will produce and locate bass anywhere they reside. We sell these at the lowest prices anywhere and will ship anywhere in the USA. These lures will save the day when the bass are finicky. Ocean State Tackle and 9ER’s Umbrella Lures two companies that striped bass fishermen in New England have come to rely on. Call Dave @ 401 226 6626 for the best deals on quality tackle for striped bass fishing.
These lures have caught trophy bass in Nantucket and Block Island Sounds, Cape Cod and Narraganset Bay and throughout the Chesapeake.


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